TitleKorean American women's preventive health care practices: stratified samples in California, USA.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsLee, Y-S, C Hofstetter, R, Irvin, VL, Kang, S, Chhay, D, Reyes, WD, Hovell, MF
JournalHealth care for women international
Date Published2012
KeywordsYoung Adult

Using data from a larger study, we explored the characteristics of preventive health care practices (influenza vaccination, mammogram, and Pap test) among a representative sample of 1,786 Korean American women residing in California by telephone. Three preventive health care practices were related to the goals set by Healthy People 2010. Participants with no education in the United States, who were born in Korea, resided in the United States longer, and had a primary care provider were more likely than others to reach these goals. Our findings indicate that a behavioral model was suitable to explain the three preventive health care practices.