TitleJourney toward becoming an everyday exerciser.
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsSachs, ML, Tashman, LS, Razon, S, Cardinal, BJ
Book TitlePerformance Excellence: Stories of Success from the Real World of Sport and Exercise Psychology
PublisherRowman & Littlefield Publishers
ISBN Number978-1-5381-2888-6

Performance Excellence: Stories of Success from the Real World of Sport and Exercise Psychology provides concise and effective lessons on a variety of psychological skills and broader concepts within the domains of exercise, sport, and performance psychology. These skills and concepts include team cohesion, dynamics, and leadership; goal-setting, motivation, and adherence; exercise identity, athletic identity, transitions, and self-awareness; mental training; mindset; and facing and overcoming challenges such as anxiety, burnout, and rehabilitation. Each chapter includes a short educational piece that centers on the select concept and subsequent examples that highlight how the concept works in real life. At the end of each lesson a few takeaways are provided.

Over 60 stories of real-world examples provide poignant and compelling lessons and make the material come alive. These stories show the reader in an accessible and engaging way how to apply the sport and exercise psychology concepts outside the classroom. Ultimately, Performance Excellence serves as a wonderful resource for students, as well as for sport and exercise practitioners.