TitleInvestigating the work-family conflict and health link: Repetitive thought as a mechanism.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsChandler, KD, Gere, J, Sliwinski, MJ
JournalStress Health
Date Published2017 Oct

Research is needed to investigate mechanisms linking work-family conflict to poor health in working adults. We took a novel approach to build on extant studies by testing a potential mechanism in these associations - repetitive thought. Data came from a sample of 203 partnered working adults. There were significant direct effects of work-family conflict with lower life satisfaction, positive affect, and perceived health as well as greater fatigue. As for total effects, work-family conflict was significantly associated with all health outcomes - life satisfaction, positive affect, negative affect, fatigue, perceived health, and chronic health conditions - in the expected directions through repetitive thought. This study provides support that repetitive thought is one potential mechanism of how work-family conflict can take a toll on psychological and physical health. Findings are discussed in relation to improving workplace policies to improve the health of working adults managing work-family conflict.

Alternate JournalStress Health
PubMed ID27709792