TitleInverse association between toenail arsenic and body mass index in a population of welders.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsGrashow, R, Zhang, J, Fang, SC, Weisskopf, MG, Christiani, DC, Kile, ML, Cavallari, JM
JournalEnvironmental research
Date Published05/2014

Recent data show that arsenic may play a role in obesity-related diseases. However, urinary arsenic studies report an inverse association between arsenic level and body mass index (BMI). We explored whether toenail arsenic, a long-term exposure measure, was associated with BMI in 74 welders with known arsenic exposure. BMI showed significant inverse associations with toenail arsenic (p=0.01), which persisted in models adjusted for demographics, diet and work history. It is unclear whether low arsenic biomarker concentrations in high BMI subjects truly reflect lower exposures, or instead reflect internal or metabolic changes that alter arsenic metabolism and tissue deposition.