TitleInitial occurrence of Taylorella asinigenitalis and its detection in nurse mares, a stallion and donkeys in Kentucky.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMeade, BJ, Timoney, PJ, Donahue, JM, Branscum, AJ, Ford, R, Rowe, R
JournalPreventive veterinary medicine
Date Published2010 Jul 1

In 1998, a newly identified bacterium Taylorella asinigenitalis was isolated from the external genitalia and reproductive tracts of nurse mares, a stallion and donkey jacks in Kentucky. An extensive regulatory effort was implemented to contain the outbreak including the tracing and testing of 232 horses and donkeys on 58 premises. T. asinigenitalis was isolated from the reproductive tract of 10 adult equids, including two donkey jacks, one Paint Quarter-horse stallion and seven draft-type breeding mares. None of the infected horses had clinical signs of reproductive tract disease. The odds of being culture positive were 20 times greater for a mare bred to a donkey than for a mare bred to a stallion. Approximately 18% of mares bred to either a carrier stallion or donkey jack were confirmed culture positive. Seventy-one percent of infected mares required more than one course of treatment to clear the organism from their reproductive tracts and one mare harbored the organism for more than 300 days.