TitleInitial Examination of a New Questionnaire Assessing Perceived Social Support in Summer Camp and Home Environments for Children With Cancer and Their Siblings
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsWu, YP, Geldhof, GJ, Roberts, MC, Parikshak, S, Amylon, MD
JournalChildren's Health Care
Pagination67 - 84
Date Published12/2012

Although perceived social support is associated with positive outcomes and chronic illness, summer camps strive to provide social support to children and families, no measures of perceived support across settings and about illness-specific issues exist. The current study provides an initial validation of a new measure for children with cancer and their siblings, the Children's Assessment of Perceived Social Support, which assesses perceived support from individuals in the home and summer camp settings and about cancer and non–cancer-related issues. The results indicate the measure has adequate validity and reliability and that perceived support across settings and individuals may differ.