TitleInflammation and Specific Symptoms of Depression.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsJokela, M, Virtanen, M, Batty, GD, Kivimäki, M
JournalJAMA Psychiatry
Date Published01/2016
KeywordsAnorexia, C-Reactive Protein, Case-Control Studies, Cross-Sectional Studies, Depression, Fatigue, Female, Humans, Illness Behavior, Inflammation, Male, Middle Aged, Motivation, Odds Ratio, Social Behavior

Elevated levels of inflammatory markers, such as C-reactive protein, are well-documented in people with depression.1,2 Raison and Miller3 suggested that this association may, in fact, be symptom-specific. Higher levels of inflammation are particularly likely to underlie depression symptoms that characterize sickness behavior, including fatigue, reduced appetite, withdrawal, and inhibited motivation. From an evolutionary perspective, such symptoms have the beneficial effect of preserving energy resources for use in fighting infection and promoting healing processes.4,5Here, we tested the hypothesis that the association between C-reactive protein and depression is symptom-specific.

Alternate JournalJAMA Psychiatry
PubMed ID26579988
Grant ListMR/K013351/1 / / Medical Research Council / United Kingdom
K013351 / / Medical Research Council / United Kingdom