TitleThe Impact of Supplier Induced Demand on Increase in Medical Aid Expenditure.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsShin, H, Yoon, J, Noh, Y-hong, Yeo, J-Y
JournalHealth Policy and Management

Background A need arises to efficiently control health expenditure for medical aid due to a sharp increase in medical aid expenditure. Experimently Study analyzes the impact of this behavior on Medical use for Physician Medical Supplier induced demand using aid beneficiaries (SID) theory. Method This Study looks into factor analyze expenditure using SID effect Analysis of Medical aid for the years between 2003 and 2010 in Comparison with health insurance. Moreover, this Study analyzes the existence and scale of SID using Econometrics Modeling with Panel data on 16 Cities and provinces's health expenditure data for Medical aid from 2003 1/4 to 2010 4/4. Results This Study finds that the growth rate of Visit days per capita and treatment amount per visit days for medical aid is higher than health insurance. Furthermore, the result of Econometrics Modeling Analysis shows the existence of SID in General Hospital, Hospital, clinic, oriental clinic. Conclusion In order to efficiently Control for Medical aid expenditure, it is Required to Reinforce macro Polices Such as the introduction of 'target management 'and micro policies such as the strengthen of management on medical institutes in the perspective of suppliers as well as regulations of demanders.