TitleHow do parents learn about adolescents' experiences? Implications for parental knowledge and adolescent risky behavior.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsCrouter, AC, Bumpus, MF, Chandler, KD, McHale, SM
JournalChild development
Date Published2005 Jul-Aug
KeywordsSocioeconomic Factors

Cluster analysis was used to identify groups defined by the patterning of fathers' and mothers' sources of knowledge about adolescents' experiences in a sample of 179 families with adolescents (M = 16.5 years). Three clusters emerged for fathers (relational, relies on spouse, relies on others) and mothers (relational, questioners, relies on others). Cluster membership was associated with socioeconomic status, work hours, personal characteristics, and parent-child relationship quality. Longitudinal path analyses revealed that knowledge sources predicted levels of knowledge, which in turn predicted risky behavior 1 year later, indirect paths that were more consistent for fathers than for mothers. Although direct associations between sources of knowledge and subsequent risky behavior were scant, when fathers relied on spouses, youth engaged in less risky behavior.