TitleHealthy Eating, Physical Activity, and Learning Behaviors
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsJackson, JA, Branscum, AJ, John, DH, Smit, E, Gunter, K
JournalHealth Behavior and Policy Review
Pagination24 - 34
Date Published01/2015

Objectives: Associations between family nutrition and physical activity (FNPA) and elementary students' learning behaviors were examined. Methods: Parents (N = 85) of elementary-age students completed a survey about FNPA factors. Children's learning behavior scores, reported as Characteristics of Successful Learning (CSL), were transcribed from school performance reports. We used multiple linear regression to estimate associations between CSL and FNPA scores. Scores were calculated as FNPA-Nutrition, FNPA-Activity, and FNPA-Total. Results: CSL was positively and significantly associated with higher FNPA-Total (p = .02) and FNPA-Nutrition scores (p = .001). Conclusions: Children with more favorable family nutrition and activity factors displayed more positive learning behaviors. Schools and families can promote practices and policies that support behaviors associated with lower risk for overweight to enhance children's educational outcomes.

Short TitleHealth Behavior and Policy Review