TitleHealth science knowledge translation: Critical appraisal of online physical activity promotion material.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsThomas, JD, Cardinal, BJ
JournalNurs Health Sci
Date Published06/2021

Limited research exists on how often health behavior theory concepts, principles, and techniques are embedded in the design of material to promote physical activity and exercise, such as persuasive communications disseminated via the Internet. This cross-sectional study examined 139 web articles on physical activity and exercise. We assessed how often article messages targeted recommended motivational determinants of health behavior: that is, outcome expectancy, self-efficacy, and self-regulation. Moreover, exploratory analyses were performed, which compared patterns in article messages by organization type. Results showed the largest categories were other messages and self-efficacy, each representing nearly one-third of article messages. The frequency that article messages targeted motivational determinants of physical activity and exercise differed by organization type. Our results suggest web articles that could promote physical activity and exercise motivation exist; however, they can be better constructed to meet the needs of people. For example, over half of article messages targeted a recommended motivational determinant, but the least targeted determinant was self-regulation. We present steps nurse educators and clinicians may take to improve the design or selection of physical activity and exercise promotion material.

Alternate JournalNurs Health Sci
PubMed ID34170609