TitleGrowth, Bone Health, and Cognition: Nutritional Evaluation of a Sustainable Ocean-Based Advance Protein Powder (APP).
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsWong, CP, Bray, TM, Khanna, SK
JournalEcol Food Nutr
Date Published03/2019
KeywordsAnimals, Bone and Bones, Bone Density, Brain, Caseins, Child, Cognition, Diet, Dietary Proteins, Fish Proteins, Fishes, Humans, Male, Memory, Mice, Oceans and Seas, Protein-Energy Malnutrition, Soybean Proteins, Weight Gain, Whey Proteins

This study evaluated an alternative ocean-based fish protein, Advanced Protein Powder (APP) as a feasible, environmentally sustainable protein source to reduce childhood malnutrition. We completed a rodent feeding study to evaluate growth and development in young growing mice on a purified diet containing APP as compared to mice-fed diets using other common protein sources - casein, whey, and soy. Results suggested APP to be an effective and safe protein source and ensured normal body growth, bone development, and brain function in APP diet-fed mice. Evidence provided in this study supports considering the use of APP to reduce malnutrition among children worldwide.

Alternate JournalEcol Food Nutr
PubMed ID30650991