TitleFormative evaluation on a physical activity health promotion program for the group home setting
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsDixon-Ibarra, A, Driver, S, VanVolkenburg, H, Humphries, K
JournalEvaluation and Program Planning
Pagination81 - 90
Date PublishedJan-02-2017

Physical inactivity and high rates of chronic conditions is a public health concern for adults with intellectual disability. Few health promotion programs target the group home setting which is the pre-dominant form of residential accommodation for persons with intellectual disability. A process evaluation of a physical activity health promotion program, Menu-Choice, was conducted with five group home sites for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Menu-Choice assists group home staff in including physical activity goals within resident schedules. The physical activity program was designed based on theoretical frameworks, community-based participatory approaches, and established health promotion guidelines for adults with disabilities. Fourteen program coordinators (age M 39; 77% females), 22 staff (age M 39; 82% females), and 18 residents (age M 59; 72% females; 56% ambulatory) participated. Results from the fidelity survey and program completion highlight potential challenges with implementation. Findings will assist with the refinement of the program for continued implementation trials in the group home community.


  • Menu-Choice provides tools to incorporate physical activity in group home settings.
  • Designed and implemented from theory and guidelines for persons with disabilities.
  • Programs for group homes are challenging due to burden on staff to implement.
  • Agency buy in and policy change is needed to promote active lifestyles for residents.
Short TitleEvaluation and Program Planning