TitleFeasibility of a Modified Ride-on Car Intervention on Play Behaviors during an Inclusive Playgroup.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsRoss, SMae, Catena, M, Twardzik, E, Hospodar, C, Cook, E, Ayyagari, A, Inskeep, K, Sloane, B, Macdonald, M, Logan, SW
JournalPhys Occup Ther Pediatr
Date Published01/2018

AIMS: Children with mobility related disabilities often experience limited participation and access to social interactions. An emerging pediatric powered mobility device are modified ride-on cars that provide self-directed mobility experiences to children with disabilities. This study aimed to determine: (1) the feasibility of a modified ride-on car intervention during an inclusive playgroup, (2) the effect of a modified ride-on car intervention on the play behaviors of children with and without mobility related disabilities.

METHOD: A single-subject research design was implemented. Thirteen children participated in a weekly inclusive playgroup. The five children with mobility related disabilities were provided modified ride-on cars during the intervention. Children's play behaviors were classified with Howes' Peer Play Scale. Intervention effects were examined using nonoverlap of all pairs (NAP).

RESULTS: The intervention was feasible based on participants' good attendance, retention rates, and successful use of modified ride-on cars. Overall children did not experience significant changes in play behaviors, with a few exceptions for decreased solitary, and increased parallel play, and/or direct peer interaction, among children with mobility related disabilities. Future research could examine modified ride-on car use by children with mobility related disabilities focusing on changes in unique play interactions between children with and without disabilities.

Alternate JournalPhys Occup Ther Pediatr
PubMed ID29236563