TitleExploring the Interaction of Disability Status and Childhood Predictors of Physical Activity and Sport Participation: An Exploratory Decision-Tree Analysis.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsRoss, SM, Smit, E, Yun, J, Bogart, KR, Hatfield, BE, Logan, SW
JournalAdapt Phys Activ Q
Date Published01/2021

A secondary data analysis of 33,093 children and adolescents age 6-17 years (12% with disabilities) from a 2016-2017 National Survey of Children's Health nonrepresentative sample aimed to identify (a) unique clusters of sociodemographic characteristics and (b) the relative importance of disability status in predicting participation in daily physical activity (PA) and sports. Exploratory classification tree analyses identified hierarchical predictors of daily PA and sport participation separately. Disability status was not a primary predictor of daily PA. Instead, it emerged in the fifth level after age, sex, body mass index, and income, highlighting the dynamic intersection of disability with sociodemographic factors influencing PA levels. In comparison, disability status was a second-level predictor for sport participation, suggesting that unique factors influencing PA level are likely experienced by disabled children and adolescents. The authors employ an intersectionality lens to critically discuss implications for research in adapted PA.

Alternate JournalAdapt Phys Activ Q
PubMed ID33440335