TitleEvaluation of a Circumference-based Prediction Equation to Assess Body Composition Changes in Men
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSchuna, Jr, JM, Hilgers-Greterman, SJ, Manikowske, TL, Tucker, JM, Liguori, G
JournalInternational Journal of Exercise Science
Date Published07/2013

International Journal of Exercise Science 6(3) : 188-198, 2013. This study evaluated the validity of the current U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) circumference-based prediction equation for males to detect body composition changes in comparison to air-displacement plethysmography (ADP). Body composition was assessed using ADP and the DOD equation at the beginning and end of an academic school year among 21 male (18-29 years-old) Army ROTC cadets. Body mass significantly increased (+1.8 Kg) after 9 months. Significant method by time interactions for percent body fat (percent body fat), fat mass (FM), and fat-free mass were found (p = 0.022, p = 0.023, p = 0.023, respectively) as body composition changes were not tracked equally by the two methods. Regression and Bland-Altman analyses indicated a lack of agreement between methods as the DOD equation underestimated percent body fat and FM changes in comparison to ADP. Results suggest the DOD equation for males cannot adequately detect body composition changes following a small body mass gain.