TitleEffects of a Workplace Intervention on Parent-Child Relationships.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsMcHale, SM, Chandler, KD, Green, K, Casper, L, Kan, ML, Kelly, EL, King, RBerkowitz, Okechukwu, C
JournalJ Child Fam Stud
Date Published2016 Feb 01

This study tested whether effects of a workplace intervention, aimed at promoting employees' schedule control and supervisor support for personal and family life, had implications for parent-adolescent relationships; we also tested whether parent-child relationships differed as a function of how many intervention program sessions participants attended. Data came from a group randomized trial of a workplace intervention, delivered in the information technology division of a Fortune 500 company. Analyses focused on 125 parent-adolescent dyads that completed baseline and 12-month follow-up home interviews. Results revealed no main effects of the intervention, but children of employees who attended 75% or more program sessions reported more time with their parent and more parent education involvement compared to adolescents whose parents attended less than 75% of sessions, and they tended to report more time with parent and more parental solicitation of information about their experiences compared to adolescents whose parents were randomly assigned to the usual practice condition.

Alternate JournalJ Child Fam Stud
PubMed ID26957897
PubMed Central IDPMC4779369
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