TitleDose-Response Association Between Psychological Distress and Risk of Completed Suicide in the General Population.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBell, S, Russ, TC, Kivimäki, M, Stamatakis, E, Batty, GD
JournalJAMA Psychiatry
Date Published12/2015
KeywordsAnxiety, Depression, Female, Humans, Male, Risk Factors, Stress, Psychological, Suicide, United Kingdom

Elevated suicide rates in people with clinical depression, as indexed by hospitalizations or use of psychiatric outpatient services, are well documented.1 However, the association between depression across the full range of severity and subsequent suicide risk is unknown. With single-cohort studies insufficiently powered to examine this relation, to our knowledge, we provide the first pooling of individual-level data from a series of large general population–based cohort studies.

Alternate JournalJAMA Psychiatry
PubMed ID26560886
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