TitleDo Written Resources Help or Hinder Equitable and Inclusive Physical Activity Promotion?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsThomas, JD, Kennedy, W, Cardinal, BJ
JournalInternational Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education
Pagination1 - 17
Date Published07/2020

To sensitize individuals, organizations, and communities to the sociostructural barriers individuals with disabilities face, Mace et al. (1997) advanced seven principles of universal design (as cited by the Center for Excellence in Universal Design, n.d.). Each principle provides guidance on how spaces, products, and services can be developed or adapted to encourage usability by all individuals. Researchers and practitioners in adapted physical activity (APA) have worked to further extend the application of the principles of universal design into the physical domain, which helps expand opportunities for all to fully participate within exercise, sport, and physically active recreation. A less scrutinized sociostructural barrier in APA promotion is the suitability of materials used to teach adults experiencing disability ways to adapt leisure and exercise routines (Thomas & Cardinal, 2020a). However, on the basis of a recent meta-analysis (Thomas et al., 2018), knowledge of the degree suitability issues pervading materials used in routine APA promotion strategies or programs is limited. Further, it appears research has yet to gauge the prevalence of suitability issues in physical activity promotion from a broader universal design framework. These gaps in kinesiology knowledge represent fruitful lines of future research. In this essay, we present recommendations for future research toward addressing suitability knowledge gaps within APA promotion. Consistent with the call for leadership beyond college and university campuses to drive change as experts (NAKHE Newsletter, 2019, p. 4), such lines of inquiry would promote the dissemination of resources that support efforts to bring about full participation in the physical domain.

Short TitleInternational Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education