TitleDissemination research: the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsRemington, PL, D Moberg, P, Booske, BC, Ceraso, M, Friedsam, D, Kindig, DA
Pagination236-9, 255
Date Published08/2009
KeywordsBiomedical Research, Diffusion of Innovation, Evidence-Based Medicine, Health Policy, Health Services Research, Humans, Organizational Objectives, Population Groups, Public Health, Schools, Medical, Schools, Public Health, Universities

Despite significant accomplishments in basic, clinical, and population health research, a wide gap persists between research discoveries (ie, what we know) and actual practice (ie, what we do). The University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute (Institute) researchers study the process and outcomes of disseminating evidence-based public health programs and policies into practice. This paper briefly describes the approach and experience of the Institute's programs in population health assessment, health policy, program evaluation, and education and training. An essential component of this dissemination research program is the active engagement of the practitioners and policymakers. Each of the Institute's programs conducts data collection, analysis, education, and dialogue with practitioners that is closely tied to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs and policies. Our approach involves a reciprocal exchange of knowledge with non-academic partners, such that research informs practice and practice informs research. Dissemination research serves an important role along the continuum of research and is increasingly recognized as an important way to improve population health by accelerating the translation of research into practice.

Alternate JournalWMJ
PubMed ID19743753