TitleDigiTech Division: Positioning SNEB to Lead the Way in Digital Technology for Nutrition Education and Behavior Change.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsBurgermaster, M, Wong, SS, Bateson, W, Qamar, Z, McGuirt, J, Uribe, AMacMillan, El-Kour, T, Spielmaker, A, Stage, VC
JournalJ Nutr Educ Behav
Date Published03/2019

In July 2018, the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB) launched the Digital Technology in Nutrition Education and Behavior Change (DigiTech) Division.1 Sharing SNEB's mission and vision with the other 11 divisions, the DigiTech Division purposefully aligns its goals and values to SNEB's. We aim to strengthen the promotion of effective nutrition education and healthy behavior through research, policy, and practice that include digital technology.

Mobile apps, social media, and even virtual reality are now mainstream in this new era of partnership with artificial intelligence and robots. ‘Status quo’ is shifting, and best practices must evolve as digital technology changes the dynamic of how we prepare, deliver, evaluate, and disseminate nutrition education. Indeed, “There are Thousands of Apps for That.”2 But mobile phones and eLearning platforms are just the beginning of how digital technologies are extending the reach and impact of nutrition education.

As the experts in nutrition education, SNEB members benefit by understanding and critically evaluating technology applications in our domain. When SNEB members actively shape how technologies are applied in nutrition education research, education, and practice, these technologies will be more effective at achieving behavior change. With the formation of this new division, SNEB strives to be the leader in helping nutrition educators and behavior researchers adopt new approaches and optimize impact. The DigiTech Division is committed to empowering SNEB members with the knowledge and resources to integrate emerging technologies into their nutrition education programs by educating, connecting, and promoting SNEB members in the area of digital technology.


We will educate members about digital technologies available for nutrition education and provide ways to learn about emerging technologies through webinars, conference sessions and conference workshops.


We will provide a platform for connecting members and sharing knowledge, collaboration opportunities, and funding resources through networking events at conference, online resources, and hot topic calls.


We are committed to making SNEB the go-to resource for digital technology in nutrition education and behavior change. To do so, we will gather information about how SNEB members and others are using technology in nutrition education and use it to highlight best practices, identify internal experts, and make our members’ value and expertise known within and outside SNEB.

Aficionados and technophobes alike are welcome. We hope you will join the division to learn, network, and share your expertise. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Alternate JournalJ Nutr Educ Behav
PubMed ID30851838