TitleDiet and Pro12Ala Polymorphism Interactions in Relation to Cancer Risk: A Systematic Review.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2021
AuthorsTran, L, Bobe, G, Arani, G, Zhang, Y, Zhang, Z, Shannon, J, Takata, Y
Date Published01/2021

Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ2 gene Pro12Ala allele polymorphism ( Pro12Ala; rs1801282) has been linked to both cancer risk and dietary factors. We conducted the first systematic literature review of studies published before December 2020 using the PubMed database to summarize the current evidence on whether dietary factors for cancer may differ by individuals carrying C (common) and/or G (minor) alleles of the Pro12Ala allele polymorphism. The inclusion criteria were observational studies that investigated the association between food or nutrient consumption and risk of incident cancer stratified by Pro12Ala allele polymorphism. From 3815 identified abstracts, nine articles (18,268 participants and 4780 cancer cases) covering three cancer sites (i.e., colon/rectum, prostate, and breast) were included. CG/GG allele carriers were more impacted by dietary factors than CC allele carriers. High levels of protective factors (e.g., carotenoids and prudent dietary patterns) were associated with a lower cancer risk, and high levels of risk factors (e.g., alcohol and refined grains) were associated with a higher cancer risk. In contrast, both CG/GG and CC allele carriers were similarly impacted by dietary fats, well-known PPAR-γ agonists. These findings highlight the complex relation between Pro12Ala allele polymorphism, dietary factors, and cancer risk, which warrant further investigation.

Alternate JournalNutrients
PubMed ID33477496
PubMed Central IDPMC7831057
Grant ListPHR030-PV07 / / Oregon Health and Science University/Oregon State University Cancer Prevention and Control Initiative /