TitleDaily stressors and self-reported changes in memory in old age: the mediating effects of daily negative affect and cognitive interference.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsStawski, RS, Mogle, JA, Sliwinski, MJ
JournalAging & mental health
Date Published03/2013

This study examined individual differences in exposure to daily stressors and self-reported changes in memory among older adults. A sample of 87 older adults completed measures of daily stressful experiences, negative affect (NA), cognitive interference (CI), and rated their memory compared to six months ago. Results indicated that more frequent exposure to daily stressors was associated with rating one's memory to be worse compared to six months prior. Furthermore, CI, but not NA partially mediated this association. The findings highlight CI as a psychological pathway for understanding the links between daily stress and perceptions of memory and cognition in old age.