TitleCultural Preference, Food Fortification, and Healthy Eating.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsKhanna, SK
JournalEcol Food Nutr
Date Published11/2020

Ecology of Food and Nutrition (EFN) promotes scholarly discussion and engagement on the holistic and cross-cultural dimensions of food and nutrition. Articles published in this journal focus on foods and food systems in terms of their utilization to satisfy human nutritional needs and improve health and well-being. The journal also publishes articles that examine how ecological, social, and cultural factors relate to food, food cultures, and nutrition. Only a handful of journals publish articles that explicitly address the intersections of food and nutrition, biology and culture, and policy and practice from a holistic and global perspective. It is this kind of scholarship that EFN seeks to promote. This issue of EFN includes six articles presenting the results of studies conducted in the United States, the Netherlands, Kenya, Puerto Rico, and India. Collectively, the articles included in this issue explore the cultural preference for foods, developing culturally appropriate food preparation and consumption programs, and adolescent food consumption and health.

Alternate JournalEcol Food Nutr
PubMed ID33301377