TitleCritical Reflection and Positive Youth Development among White and Black Adolescents: Is Understanding Inequality Connected to Thriving?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsTyler, CP, Geldhof, GJ, Black, KL, Bowers, EP
JournalJ Youth Adolesc
Date Published08/2019

Critical consciousness supports youth's development and participation in civil society, yet it remains unclear how this process is connected to indicators of thriving, such as the Five Cs. This study examined critical reflection-a component of critical consciousness-and the Five Cs among 515 youth (M = 13.38; 46.47% female): White youth attending middle-income schools (N = 112), White youth attending low-income schools (N = 250), and Black youth attending low-income schools (N = 153). Black youth attending low-income schools had the highest critical racial reflection and White youth attending low-income schools had the lowest critical socioeconomic reflection. Critical reflection was negatively associated with some of the Five Cs, but only among White youth. The implications of these findings and suggestions for future research are provided.

Alternate JournalJ Youth Adolesc
PubMed ID31378839