TitleThe comparison of performances of preschool children on two motor assessments.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsLogan, SW, Robinson, LE, Getchell, N
JournalPerceptual and motor skills
Date Published2011 Dec
KeywordsReference Values

Understanding children's motor performance on different assessments is important for researchers. The Test of Gross Motor Development-2 (TGMD-2) and the Movement Assessment Battery for Children-2 (MABC-2) are motor assessments that use either a process- or product-oriented scoring approach. However, no studies have examined how performances are related to these two types of assessment. This study compared the performance of preschool children on the TGMD-2 and the MABC-2. 32 children (M age = 4.2 yr., SD = 9) completed each test to assess whether each described motor performance similarly. Significant low to moderate Spearman's rank correlations (r2 range = .13-.40) were found between the subscales of the assessments. A related-samples Wilcoxon signed rank test was not significant between total performances on the TGMD-2 and MABC-2. From a practical standpoint, each assessment provides a similar overall description of motor competence in preschool children. However, each assessment results in scores that present different information about motor performance.