TitleCivic Science for Public Use: Mind in the Making and Vroom.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsGalinsky, E, Bezos, J, McClelland, MM, Carlson, SM, Zelazo, PD
JournalChild Dev
Date Published2017 09

Mind in the Making and Vroom are partner initiatives that exemplify a unique "civic science" approach to "bringing developmental science into the world." Mind in the Making offers families and professionals working with children 0-8 access to developmental research, by engaging them in an active process of professional development and community outreach. Vroom is an outreach and communication initiative that brings "brain building basics" to communities, inviting parents to participate in the science of early learning through partnerships with trusted entities. These initiatives use collaborative, iterative processes in disseminating findings and implications of child development research. Preliminary evidence shows early promise of these initiatives to help promote engaged learning and life skills based on executive function in adults and children.

Alternate JournalChild Dev
PubMed ID28691736