TitleA Cancer Education-Plus-Navigation Intervention Implemented Within a Federally Qualified Health Center and Community-Based Settings.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsMojica, CM, Almatkyzy, G, Morales-Campos, D
JournalJ Cancer Educ
Date Published08/2019

Despite the availability of effective cancer screening tests, Latinos are screened at lower rates than non-Hispanic Whites. We implemented and evaluated the effectiveness of an evidence-based community health worker (CHW) cancer education-plus-navigation intervention designed to increase cancer screening, knowledge of screening guidelines, and the benefit of early detection. The project included a community and clinic component and served a primarily Latino population. In collaboration with a federally qualified health center (FQHC) and three community-based organizations, bilingual/bicultural CHWs recruited men and women (not up-to-date with the cancer screening guidelines) from a FQHC and the community. Participants received education plus navigation and no-cost cancer screening tests. Together with the FQHC, we outlined eligibility criteria, project protocols, project implementation, and evaluation activities. With the community organizations, we outlined recruitment protocols-when to recruit, how to recruit, and connections with other organizations. CHWs enrolled 3045 men and women into the education-plus-navigation intervention. Overall, 71% received at least one cancer screening. Stratifying by gender, 72% of women received at least one cancer screening test whereas 63% of enrolled men received a test for colorectal cancer. Knowledge of screening guidelines and the belief in early detection also increased from baseline to follow-up. Our evidence-based education-plus-navigation intervention successfully reached large numbers of underserved men and women and yielded positive changes in cancer screening and knowledge of screening guidelines and the belief in early detection. The inclusion of a clinic and community component ensured success of the project.

Alternate JournalJ Cancer Educ
PubMed ID31463809
Grant ListPP120050 / / Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas /