TitleBurning off the fat oppression: Self-compassion exercises for personal trainers
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsEbbeck, V, Austin, S
JournalFat Studies
Pagination81 - 92
Date PublishedFeb-01-2018

The learning objective with this treatise is the disruption of fat oppression. The unique focus is personal trainers in fitness centers. Personal trainers make a living from their ability to transform the appearance of their clients to meet the fit, thin, and sculpted body ideal. Personal trainers themselves are scrutinized for their body capital, while they in turn may perpetuate an anti-fat bias. The proposed exercises in self-compassion are designed to create a climate of self-care and care for others, whereby the ultimate goal is to shift the focus in fitness centers from appearance to health and well-being.

Short TitleFat Studies