TitleBody-related comments experienced by Chinese young women: A cross-sectional study.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsYan, Z, Zhang, G, Cardinal, BJ, Xu, T
JournalNurs Health Sci
Date Published03/2020

Within Chinese culture, one way that family and friends demonstrate that they care about one-another is by making body-related comments. How such comments are experienced by young women, in particular, including how they relate to their psychological disposition and/or use of unhealthy weight control behaviors, is unknown. The purposes of this study were to understand the frequency and type of body-related comments Chinese college women received, from whom, and their associations with body mass index (BMI), body satisfaction, body change motivations, and unhealthy weight control behaviors. Women from a comprehensive university in Southwest China (N = 236) participated in this cross-sectional study. Results showed that female Chinese college students received body-related comments most frequently from their friends, followed by parents, and romantic partners. While the frequency of receiving body-related comments was not associated with BMI, higher frequencies were associated with stronger motivation to lose weight/fat and to practice unhealthy weight control behaviors. Additionally, positive body-related comments from romantic partners were associated with higher motivation to gain weight/muscle and/or to maintain weight. Furthermore, positive body-related comments from friends were associated with higher body satisfaction. Educational programs are needed to help female Chinese college students and members of their social networks recognize and understand the potential impact associated with giving body-related comments. Screening protocols for unhealthy weight control behaviors and appropriate counseling services should also be developed and made available.

Alternate JournalNurs Health Sci
PubMed ID32115837