TitleAthletic Training and Public Health Summit.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsHoffman, M, Bovbjerg, VE, Hannigan, K, Hootman, JM, Johnson, S, Kucera, KL, Norcross, MF
JournalJ Athl Train
Date Published2016 Jul
KeywordsAthletic Injuries, Congresses as Topic, Humans, Intersectoral Collaboration, Public Health, Sports, Surveys and Questionnaires, Teaching

OBJECTIVE: To introduce athletic trainers to the benefits of using a population-based approach to injury and illness prevention and to explore opportunities for partnering with public health professionals on these initiatives.

BACKGROUND: Athletic trainers play leading roles in individual injury and illness prevention but are less familiar with policy development, evaluation, and implementation from a population-level standpoint. The Athletic Training and Public Health Summit was convened to understand, explore, and develop the intersection of athletic training and public health.

CONCLUSIONS: To further the integration of athletic training within the public health arena, athletic trainers must expand their professional focus beyond the individual to the population level.

Alternate JournalJ Athl Train
PubMed ID27295487
PubMed Central IDPMC5317194