TitleAssociation mapping with single-feature polymorphisms.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsKim, S, Zhao, K, Jiang, R, Molitor, J, Borevitz, JO, Nordborg, M, Marjoram, P
Date Published2006 Jun
KeywordsGenetic, Polymorphism

We develop methods for exploiting "single-feature polymorphism" data, generated by hybridizing genomic DNA to oligonucleotide expression arrays. Our methods enable the use of such data, which can be regarded as very high density, but imperfect, polymorphism data, for genomewide association or linkage disequilibrium mapping. We use a simulation-based power study to conclude that our methods should have good power for organisms like Arabidopsis thaliana, in which linkage disequilibrium is extensive, the reason being that the noisiness of single-feature polymorphism data is more than compensated for by their great number. Finally, we show how power depends on the accuracy with which single-feature polymorphisms are called.