TitleAnalyzing Suitability: Are Adult Web Resources on Physical Activity Clear and Useful?
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsThomas, JD, Cardinal, BJ
Date Published02/2020

Education is central to promoting healthy, active lifestyles, but most educational materials may be less than suitable for public dissemination. Related kinesiology studies have mainly focused on the reading grade level of print materials. Suitability encompasses more qualities than that and also concerns digital media. This study had two purposes: (a) critically appraise the suitability of free web articles focused on physical activity promotion that lay adults would locate via the Internet, and (b) determine if the suitability level of web articles was associated with their source of production. An adapted Suitability Assessment of Materials protocol was used. A sample of 139 web articles was obtained (mean publication year = 2015.97, ±2.42). The sample aggregate suitability level was satisfactory, but most were unsatisfactory on eight subdomains. Production source was associated with suitability level for two subdomains. The implications of our findings are discussed and recommendations for future research are presented.