TitleAfrican American Adolescent Females' Perceptions of Neighborhood Safety, Familial Strategies, and Sexual Debut.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsChoby, AA, Dolcini, MM, Catania, JA, Boyer, CB, Harper, GW
JournalResearch in human development
Date Published01/2012

Sexual debut represents a developmental transition that holds possibility for growth and for risk. Family and neighborhood may impact timing of debut. This qualitative study examined family strategies (e.g., moving, parental monitoring), perceptions of neighborhood, and attitudes about sex and sexual debut among sexually experienced and inexperienced African American adolescent females living in disadvantaged urban neighborhoods. Findings show that more familial strategies were reported by sexually inexperienced females, suggesting that strategies may delay sexual debut. Furthermore, experiences with neighborhood violence related to attitudes about sex and sexual debut, suggesting a linkage between death anxiety and sexual debut among female youth.