Pilot Projects

ASP3IRE Children’s Environmental Health Center

We are pleased to announce our request for Pilot Project Applications!

Application deadline is July 29, 2022

You can find the online application at:
OSU ASP3IRE Pilot Project Request for Applications

This year, our priority areas for pilot projects are: Reducing the exposures and health impacts of wildfire smoke, or supporting the Oregon Choose Safe Places program. Although, we will accept applications for other projects that will translate existing research into policies, programs, or practices that will improve children’s environmental health.

Anyone who is committed to promoting children’s environmental health is eligible to apply for a pilot project. This could include, but is not limited to, academic researchers, Cooperative Extension, local public health authorities or other government organizations, community-based organizations, health or health care partners, private industry, or early learning centers.

The pilot projects are expected to be able to be completed within one year or less. We anticipate funding 1-2 projects through our Development Core ($60,000 available) and 2 projects through our Translation Core ($40,000 each).

If you have any questions about the pilot project program, please contact Molly Kile and she will be happy to answer them.