Pilot Projects

ASPIRE Children’s Environmental Health Center

We are pleased to announce that our request for pilot project proposals is now open!

Application available at:
Pilot Project Request for Proposals

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The Development Core anticipates funding multiple projects ($60,000 total available for all projects) and the Translation Core anticipates funding 1-2 projects ($40,000 each).

This year’s priority areas for pilot projects are:

  • Reducing the exposure and health impacts of wildfire smoke and air pollution
  • Supporting the Oregon Choose Safe Places and/or  CEHN Eco-Healthy Child Care® programs
  • Efforts to adapt and increase resilience to hazards produced by climate change
  • Promoting or evaluating policies and practices to protect children from environmental hazards

Anyone committed to promoting children’s environmental health is invited to apply. This could include, but is not limited to, academic researchers, Cooperative Extension, local public health authorities or other government organizations, community-based organizations, health or health care partners, private industry, or early learning centers.

We will consider applications for other projects areas that will translate existing research into policies, programs, or practices to improve children’s environmental health. If you have another children’s environmental health topic that you would like to pursue, please contact Molly Kile to inquire about funding opportunities.