Children's Environmental Health Research Colloquium

ASP3IRE Children’s Environmental Health Center

Thank you for attending!
A recording of the event is below.

The Ignite Children’s Environmental Health Research Colloquium: Protecting Children’s Environmental Health: Research to Action event held on October 28, 2022, was an opportunity to promote collaborations and stimulate thought between academia, community partners, and organizations in the field of children’s environmental health.

The rapid presentation style is designed to “Ignite” the audience about research ideas, current efforts, and needs from community and partner organizations.

The ASP³IRE Children’s Environmental Health Center, part of the Hallie E. Ford Center in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University, also used the event to announce their 2023 pilot project funding opportunities!



2 Minute presentations
  • Two slides, short and rapid fire
  • “Ignite” the audience about research ideas, efforts, needs and collaborations


Create collaborations
  • Professionals with diverse backgrounds
  • Anyone passionate about children’s health and the environment


Research to action
  • Move research into practice
  • Scientific evidence for interventions
  • Community knowledge and connection