Riley LeCocq

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Riley LeCocq

Riley LeCocq

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Kinesiology - BS
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What inspired or interested you about your field of study? And why did you choose OSU/the college?

I am consistently inspired by the human body and how it moves, breaks, heals and is impacted by the environment around us. I love being able to see how the different areas of health - clinical practice, research, community work and more - can interact with each other.

I chose Oregon State's College of Health because of the strong kinesiology program and opportunities to do experiential learning work as an undergrad.

Tell us about your time at Oregon State and in the college. Is there someone or something who/that helped you be successful?

The kinesiology program has been pivotal in my personal and academic success while at OSU, providing me the support to grow my understanding through teaching and working with others.

Outside of my academic program, Orange Media Network has been invaluable to my growth as a person, student, and professional, no matter the industry.

I am so grateful to these two departments for helping me become who I am today and giving me fun and memorable experiences.

What are your post-college dreams/plans?

I look forward to completing my Graduate Certificate in Public Health in the fall and then getting my Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Anything else you'd like to add?

Do things outside of your major! Try something new even if you don't think you have all the qualifications. You can grow as you go! There are so many wonderful experiences to be a part of beyond your courses. Diversify how you spend your time and have fun with it!