Maclean Panshin

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Maclean Panshin

Maclean Panshin

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Public Health: Health Systems and Policy - MPH
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What inspired or interested you about your field of study? And why did you choose OSU/the college?

I have always been interested in health and medicine. I chose to pursue the health systems and policy concentration for the MPH because I was interested in better understanding the challenges that patients face in accessing health care and methods to overcome these obstacles.

I was particularly interested in learning about the role of private health insurance in limiting health care access and alternative health insurance models that would improve population health and decrease the cost of health care in the United States.

What are your post-college dreams/plans?

I will be moving to Baltimore to continue my education in medical school at the University of Maryland. I hope to specialize in emergency medicine or trauma surgery and I plan to use my combined public health and clinical training to better serve my patients.