Sarah Ingwersen
Council Bluffs, IA
Faculty advisor: 
Internship title/site and brief summary: 

I worked as a Student Research Assistant with RAIN International. The project I worked on aimed to determine if a refugee's ability to become self sufficient was connected to the duration of time they received public assistance. In this position I assisted with developing research protocols and conducted key informant interviews.

Professional / academic / life plans after graduation: 

I am moving to Colorado with my partner. There, I hope to find a job working in the field of refugee health or emergency and disaster management/preparedness. I hope to continue learning more about building community resiliency to climate change and how to ensure those displaced by climate change have positive health outcomes.

Favorite memory of being a graduate student at Oregon State: 

I have enjoyed getting to know the wonderful individuals in my cohort. We have shared some great experiences, lots of laughs, and maybe a breakdown or two. All in all, they made this program special.

Impactful faculty mentorship: 

My advisor has been a fantastic guiding hand throughout this entire experience. She has kept me on track and challenged me to achieve more. I am forever grateful for her wisdom and mentorship.