Sarah Ehrlicher
Dallas, TX
Faculty advisor: 
Dissertation / thesis / project title and brief summary: 

Title: Regulation of skeletal muscle mitophagy in response to high-fat feeding and exercise training.The overall purpose of these studies was to determine if acute autophagy regulation is intact during high-fat diet induced obesity and to determine if mitophagy is regulated independently from global autophagy by exercise. Collectively, these findings demonstrate that mitophagy is under dynamic regulation that 1) does not develop insulin resistance, 2) occurs independent of Bcl2-mediated general autophagy, and 3) is stimulated through parallel mechanisms by high-fat feeding and acute exercise.

Professional / academic / life plans after graduation: 

I will be completing a Dietetic Internship at the University of Alabama Birmingham starting in Fall 2020. I plan to build my clinical research skills in the field of Nutrition to continue a career in metabolic health research.

Favorite memory of being a graduate student at Oregon State: 

My favorite memories were ones spent with the friends I made as a graduate student. Memories of running on Campus Way through the covered bridge with my running buddies, enjoying the slice and pint deal at American Dream with my lab mates, and enjoying the Spring time flowers during lunch break walks around campus with my bestie.

Impactful faculty mentorship: 

I cannot thank Drs. Matt Robinson and Sean Newsom enough for their dedicated support, inspiration and kindness that they have given me as my co-mentors. They have helped me gain so much knowledge, confidence, and appreciation for puns over these past four years. They are brilliant scientists and compassionate people and will continue to be my role models as I progress in my career.