Kathryn Berns
Salem, OR
Faculty advisor: 
Internship title/site and brief summary: 

"From toads to people: One Health in Costa Rica." This research project through Oregon State University focused on understanding epidemiological relationships between people, animals and their environment through collecting and analyzing data on antimicrobial resistance trends along a farm-wildlife interface and vector-borne disease host availability in different environments. In addition, it incorporated the human aspect: understanding how management practices change in farms based on their view of antimicrobial resistance and health-practitioners' views on antimicrobial resistance.

Professional / academic / life plans after graduation: 

I received a fellowship through the California Epidemiologic Investigation Service and was placed in the Monterey County communicable disease department. They plan on having me learn to do outbreak investigations, emergency preparedness, and surveillance system development.

Favorite memory of being a graduate student at Oregon State: 

I'm thrilled to have met such wonderful, accomplished people throughout my time in the MPH program. I'm proud to call them peers, future colleagues and friends.

Impactful faculty mentorship: 

My advisor, Dr. Ellen Smit, became a valuable mentor to me throughout the MPH program. She has helped me through many points of career uncertainty, all the while teaching me the skills to feel confident in my future, and I cannot imagine where I'd be without her influence.