Francesca Brina-Francis
Richland, WA
Faculty advisor: 
Internship title/site and brief summary: 

I interned at the Oregon Health Authority with the Acute and Communicable Disease Prevention Section. At the OHA, I assisted on investigations that linked live poultry exposure to Salmonellosis and performed an analysis of Cryptosporidiosis cases in Oregon.

Professional / academic / life plans after graduation: 

I am looking forward to moving to Seattle and exploring the city! I hope to find a job as an epidemiologist or as a data analyst in research. I am also considering pursuing a PhD in a few years.

Favorite memory of being a graduate student at Oregon State: 

The Epidemiology Department always hosts the best pizza parties, and I will miss all of the faculty and students!

Impactful faculty mentorship: 

Dr. Ellen Smit always knows how to bring out the best in her students. She knows how to challenge us and is always there to support us.