Divya Reddy
Corvallis, OR
Faculty advisor: 
Internship title/site and brief summary: 

I had the opportunity to be part of the Botswana Global Health Learning Internship program in the summer of 2019. With many projects being conducted in the Maunatlala village (target area of research), I was involved with developing a comprehensive sexual and reproductive health program for adolescents. As part of this project, we engaged the key stakeholders and the clinic staff for data collection and find the area of development in the community.

Professional / academic / life plans after graduation: 

After graduation, I will start my Ph.D. in global health this fall and continue working on the comprehensive sexual and reproductive health project in Botswana.

Favorite memory of being a graduate student at Oregon State: 

I loved my journey through MPH where I saw myself growing from 1st day of H513, where I started off with not understanding anything in the class to the day I got admission to the Ph.D. program. Every day was a great learning opportunity.

Impactful faculty mentorship: 

My advisor, Dr. Sunil Khanna, had a great impact on shaping my MPH and helped me develop various skill sets both through coursework and practical aspects. He has always been my to-go person in any problem.