MyDegrees Planner tutorial

To obtain a winter 2022 registration PIN:

For Fall 2021 only, students may choose an advising appointment with their academic advisor or submit a winter term course plan.

  • Sadly, at the start of the fall term, the Office of Student Success had to say goodbye to two of our fabulous academic advisors. While we search for new advisors to add to the team, we will be working together to support our students. *Check your email to see if you have been temporarily assigned to a new academic advisor.
  • With a significant increase in the number of students assigned to each advisor, we cannot meet with each student. However, to ensure each student has their course plan reviewed by an advisor, you have the option of either submitting a winter term plan for review or scheduling an appointment with your advisor.
  • We HIGHLY recommend that seniors and students who started at OSU in the summer or fall of 2021 schedule an appointment with their advisor.
  • Students who are on academic warning or probation are still required to meet with an academic advisor.


Create a new term course plan in MyDegrees Planner

Below is a video tutorial on the basics of using MyDegrees Planner.

Do you need a refresher or introduction to MyDegrees? Watch Introduction to MyDegrees.


Tips for completing your plan

  • You can choose to edit the plan your advisor already made for you or create a new plan (see above video for details).
  • Use the CPHHS major, minor, and option sheets or Academic Catalog to see which classes you need to complete your degree and make sure you meet the prerequisites for the course before adding it to your plan. For example, HDFS students must take HDFS 360 and 361 before taking HDFS 461 – so don’t plan to take HDFS 461 before you have completed HDFS 360 and 361.
  • If you don’t know yet which course you will take to complete a baccalaureate core requirement, enter the class as a “Choice” (minute 1:40 in the Planner video above).
  • Use the Schedule of Classes to make sure the classes are offered the term you place them in. For example, PH 203 is only offered in spring or summer term, so don’t place it in your fall or winter term course plan).


Help using MyDegrees Planner

If you have a technical issue (e.g. how to operate/navigate the planner), you can schedule a meeting with a peer advisor.

If you need help picking classes for your fall term course plan, you can schedule an advising appointment with your academic advisor.


Once your winter 2022 plan is ready for your advisor to review

Complete this form.

It may take your advisor up to one week to review your plan and get back to you with feedback. Check your email for their response!


More tutorials for MyDegrees

The Registrar's office has other MyDegrees tutorials for students, including: Degree Checklist, What If, and GPA Calculator.