The advising office will move students to the full Public Health major when they have completed the Pre-Public Health courses.

The advising office will run a report at the end of each academic term once final grades have posted of all pre-Public Health students. Those who have met the grade and GPA requirements will automatically be moved to the full Public Health major and your major change information will be submitted to the Registrar’s Office on your behalf.
If you have completed any of the pre-Public Health courses at another institution which is not visible on your transcript, please provide an unofficial transcript to the advising office either in person or to You will still need to send an official transcript to the Admission Office to receive credit for the course, but the unofficial transcript can be used to verify your grade to allow your major change.
If you have further questions that require advisor assistance and in depth file review, please phone 541-737-8900 or visit us in Women's Building 105 to schedule an advising appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to do anything extra if You took Your last Pre-Public Health course at a Community College?

Yes, you will need to provide proof of passing the class with a C or better to the advising office so that your pre-Public Health prerequisites can be assessed. Either a paper copy or screen shot with your name and final grade visible will suffice as proof of passing the class. You will still need to send in an official copy of your transcript to the OSU Admissions Office to receive credit for the class.

Will you still receive an email stating you have been moved to the full major?

Yes, you will receive an email after your pre-Public Health grades and GPA has been reviewed and if you have met the requirements to move to the full major, you will receive an email notification from the advising office.

When can you expect to be changed to the full major?

Pre-Public Health student grades cannot be reviewed until final grades for the academic term have been posted. Generally, this occurs the Wednesday after finals week. The advising office reviews pre-Public Health student grades as soon as possible after final grades for the term are available. However, it can take several days for your major to be officially changed by the Registrar’s Office.

Can you get an override for a full major course before you am moved to the full major?

No, it is policy not to provide overrides for pre-Public Health students into full Public Health major courses. Students must meet all of the course prerequisites to gain entry into courses. 300/400-level Public Health courses require admittance to the full Public Health major for course registration.

What should you plan to take in the term immediately after gaining acceptance to the full Public Health major?

Since you register for classes midway through an academic term, you should plan to take remaining bacc core, support classes, or electives in the term immediately following your acceptance to the full Public Health major. This is because when you register as a pre-Public Health major, you will not yet have access to full Public Health courses (such as H 319, H 320, H 344, H 425, and others). Please keep in mind that if you change your major to the pre-Public Health major, you need to give yourself time to progress through the major course requirements. You will not be able to get an override into a full major Public Health if you are a pre-Public Health major. The Public Health major requires all pre-Public Health students to meet all requirements to gain access to higher level courses.

If you’ve been accepted into the full major and there’s an opening in a major class during your transition term can you register for the class?

Once you have been accepted into the full Public Health major, you are free to register for any open classes for which you have met the prerequisites. If there is still room in a full major Public Health class, you can either register and/or waitlist for the class.

Unfortunately, the advising office cannot grant you an override to join a class that is already full. However, you are encouraged to go to class if you are on the waitlist so that you can get the course syllabus and any important class information.