First Year Experience

Fall Term Advising Appointments for First Year Experience (FYE) Students

Academic Advising

Your student’s academic advising appointment will largely be guided by them and address their questions and concerns. However, their academic advisor will review a few key topics in their fall term advising appointment. These topics are relevant to where they are in their college career. We work to meet the student where they are at, only providing information useful to them during a specific time period.

This fall we will be talking with your student about:

The advising relationship

Good academic advising assists students in clarifying personal and career goals, developing educational goals, and evaluating the progress toward established goals. Academic advising utilizes the resources of the University and refers students to the appropriate academic support services. It is a decision-making process in which the sharing of information between student and advisor promotes responsible and appropriate choices and facilitates a successful academic experience.

See OSU’s Advisor-Advisee Responsibilities (pdf) for more information.


OSU Academic Regulations

These regulations and procedures are meant to assist students by providing information that is essential for planning and pursuing their academic programs. Learn about the most commonly discussed Academic Regulations (AR).

  • AR 12: Withdrawing From Individual Classes
  • AR 13: Withdrawing From the Term
  • AR 18: Alternative Grading System
  • AR 20: Repeated Courses
  • AR 22: Satisfactory Academic Standing


College of Public Health and Human Sciences Academic Policies

In addition to academic regulations of the University, the CPHHS also holds students to certain requirements. Visit the college’s policies page for more information regarding the following policies; Maximum Retake, Minimum Grade, S/U and Third Attempt.


Creating a long-term course plan

Your student’s advisor will show them how to develop a plan which outlines courses they will take in future terms. Empowering them with the skills needed to develop a long-term plan via their online degree audit tool, MyDegrees, ensures they can take on the responsibility of planning their academic future.


Campus Resources

We know that students may struggle in college and need a little assistance to be successful. During our advising appointment we ask your student how they are doing in classes, ask questions to pinpoint if and what type of assistance they might need and then take steps to link your student to those resources. These can include academic tutoring, academic coaching, supplemental instruction, counseling and psychological services, and many more. See a complete list of OSU resources.


Talk to your student

Please talk to your student about these topics. When parents and advisors partner to reinforce these concepts and help students navigate policies and resources, students are much more likely to utilize and retain the information presented during advising appointments.