The Nutrition minor is an excellent addition for Food Science & Technology or Kinesiology students wanting a good foundation in some basic Nutritional principals. It is rigorous, requiring a year of general Chemistry and two terms of organic chemistry as pre-requisites to BB 350 in addition to the courses listed below. This minor does not prepare students to become Dieticians (RD's). 

Eligibility Requirements

NUTRITION MAJORS may not add the Nutrition minor. Only non-NUTR majors are eligible for this minor. 

  • Have a minimum OSU GPA of 2.0
  • All courses must be taken for a letter (A-F) grade
  • No more than two attempts at any course or pre-requisite
    • As of Fall 2017, non-PHHS students will be required to have a minimum C- grade in any course or pre-requisite

The following courses must be competed satisfactorily (see above) to fulfill the NUTR minor: 

BB 350 Elementary Biochemistry (4)
Pre-req: CH 121-123 or equivalent, CH 331 and CH 332 (or concurrent enrollment)

BI 231, BI 232, BI 233. Introduction to Human Anatomy and Physiology (3,3,3)

NUTR 240. Human Nutrition (3)
Pre-req: CH 121

NUTR 241. Applications in Human Nutrition (1)
Pre/Co-Req: NUTR 240

NUTR 312. Issues in Nutrition and Health (3) (STS)
Pre-req: NUTR 240 or 225

NUTR 325. Nutrition Through the Life Cycle (3)
Pre-req: NUTR 240 and  NUTR 241, or NUTR 225

NUTR 417. Human Nutrition Science (4)
Pre-req: BI 231 or 331, NUTR 240 or 225, BB 350

NUTR 418. Human Nutrition Science (4)
Pre-req: BI 231 or 331, NUTR 240 or 225, NUTR 417, BB 350

NUTR 423. Community Nutrition (4)
Pre-req: NUTR 325

Total =  35 credits

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