We are moving our drop-ins to ZOOM. Use corresponding link to each advisors' personal ZOOM meeting link.

Drop-in advising is for quick (less than 5 minutes) questions only. If you need more assistance, please schedule an appointment. Advisors will not distribute PINs during drop-in advising. If you need a form signed, please email it to your advisor.

Drop-in advising hours are not offered during winter, spring and summer break.
Click on your advisor’s name below and you will automatically be sent to their ZOOM virtual waiting room. When your advisor is ready to chat with you, they will admit you to the meeting.

If you are contacting your advisor during Drop-Ins, it may take 5-10 minutes for them to meet with you, depending on the number of students accessing Drop-Ins.

Here are the drop-in hours Monday through Friday for advisors: