Public Health

Undergraduate minor

The Public Health minor provides students with a general background in public health.

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Eligibility Requirements

PUBLIC HEALTH MAJORS may not add the Public Health minor. Only non-Public Health majors are eligible for this minor.

  • Have a minimum OSU GPA of 2.0
  • All courses must be taken for a letter (A-F) grade
  • No more than two attempts at any course or pre-requisite
    • As of Fall 2017, non-PHHS students will be required to have a minimum C- grade in any course or pre-requisite


The following courses must be competed satisfactorily (see above) to fulfill the Public Health minor

* designates a Bacc Core course

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Course Credit hours
H 100 Introduction to Public Health 4
H 210* Introduction to the Health Care System 3
H 220 Introduction to Epidemiology and Health Data Analysis
ST 201 Principles of Statistics
H 225* Social and Individual Health Determinants 4
H 319 Intro to Health Policy 3
H 320 Intro to Human Disease 3
H 344 Foundations of Environmental Health 3
H 425 Foundations of Epidemiology 3
H Elective Any other H course of your choice 3


Total = 29 credits



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