Graduate Programs in Public Health

College of Public Health and Human Sciences

We offer the most comprehensive range of accredited public health graduate degree programs in Oregon and are gaining momentum and enthusiasm as the state’s first college of public health. Our interdisciplinary approach, research centers and focus on both rural and urban health will enrich your educational experience and set you apart in this evolving profession.

Our public health programs are built on the foundation of Environmental Health Sciences, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Health Management and Policy. Our curricula incorporate an ecological approach to disease prevention and health promotion, including cultural, social, environmental, behavioral and economic factors that impact population health.

We offer an array of graduate programs representing the varied disciplines of public health practice. Through our academic programs and diverse range of research endeavors, you will gain the theoretical foundations, applied research techniques and professional skills to function effectively in reducing risks, promoting health and preventing premature disease and disability in human populations.